Why Your Cat Needs a High Moisture Diet ?

All cats are of common wild descent, and one of the characteristics of a wild cat is that it is a desert creature par excellence, that is, it does not drink much. Therefore, we note that most of our cats refrain from drinking for long periods of time, but the truth differs from this. Cats need to drink a lot, from 12 to 20 times a day, but in small quantities.

It should not be forgotten to give cats water to help them hydrate, especially in the summer. On average, a cat weighing about 4.5 kg and eating crochet drinks only 200 ml per day, which is equivalent to a small cup of water.

In addition, the way your cat drinks water is an indication of how healthy she is, as she can be a victim of dehydration, and these are signs that warn you of this:

1- Shaggy hair
2- The presence of white skin on the eye
3- The cat is idle

In this case, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian. Conversely, a cat that drinks too much water may not be in good health either. If it consumes more than 200 ml of water per day, it means that it suffers from kidney failure or diabetes.