Why does your cat prefer sleeping next to you ?

It is known that cats are beings who like independence and rebellion, and do not like to be always surrounded by kisses and hugs by their owner. As soon as the sky drops the curtain announcing the end of the day, you will see your revolutionary cat predating you to your bed and ready to sleep in your arms.

Here are five reasons for this behavior in cats :

Your cat feels safe with you

In nature, a cat is a predator but also a prey. Consequently, it always needs to control its entire environment, especially when it is alone, in order to be able to determine the arrival of potential threats. If he loves to sleep in your bed, it is because he knows that you will be able to protect him in case of danger.

Your bed is his territory

If your cat loves to sleep in your place, this is because it considers it a private land of its own, and in this case it does not sleep with you but rather you who sleep with it, and you are very lucky because it accepts sharing it with you. That later.

Relax more on your bed

Cats like to sit comfortably when it comes to having a quiet, small nap, and your bed is clearly particularly soft and its silk covers encourage sleep, and you know your cat’s comfort is sacred.

Your cat loves to spend more time with you

When your cat sleeps near you, it appears to you that he carries feelings of love for you, in fact, he loves to hug you and spend a lot of time on your side, and also loves to feel his presence near him, in short, he loves to spend a long time with you!

Because your cat feels warm on your side

In winter, when temperatures are colder, cats use more energy to keep their body temperature high, which is why they sleep more, and for things to get smoother, cats rush to find warmer places, so your bed is a strategic choice In particular.