Why Do Cats Have a Third Eyelid ?

Cats drooping the third eyelid gland or protrusion of the eyelid and the appearance of a red puff is a sign of a disease known in the cat’s eyes known as Cherry eye. This medical condition occurs in both dogs and cats, although it usually affects younger animals. But it appears in dogs more than cats.

The most common sign of “Cherry Eye” is the appearance of an oval mass from the third eyelid in cats, which can occur in one or both eyes, and may be accompanied by swelling and irritation. What causes this disease ?

The third eyelid in cats usually occurs due to genetic reasons related to congenital weakness of the gland in the cat’s eye. However, he does not know for sure whether it is inherited. Many specialists believe that the third eyelid is not related to a specific strain, as it affects all strains.

If your cat becomes ill, you will visibly notice the emergence of the third eyelid of the cat and the appearance of a pink or red tumor. This condition can be due to cartilage coming out of the cartilage of the third eyelid, the presence of abnormal cells in the third eyelid, or drooping fat from the cat’s eye.

How can the condition be treated ?
Treatment often includes surgical replacement of the cat’s gland, or removal of the entire gland if the condition is severe. Your doctor may recommend some topical anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling.