Why do cats eat their young ?

One of the most beautiful things you may see is a mother cat who is caring for and feeding her young. But what makes a mother cat eat its kittens? Here are the main reasons why cats eat their kitten:

1- Young Mother’s Cat Life :

She may become pregnant when she is young, and her maternal instincts are incomplete, so she can be confused about her youngsters, and given her young age, she does not understand that they are her young, and she must protect them, not eat them.

2- Mercy in the sick little one :

The mother cat, by her nature, appreciates that the sick little survivor has a very weak chance, and decides to kill him with compassion for him, and her relief from the difficulty of looking after him in vain, and providing her energy and milk to his brothers.

3- Lack of food :

The birth of a cat in the winter causes it to kill and eat its young because there is not enough food for it and the young.

4- The struggle for survival :

The mother wild cat kills other kittens of the same group, so that their kittens have a better chance in life.

5- Fear of infection :

 When one of the kittens is sick, the mother fears that the rest of the kitten will be infected with the same disease, and she will have to kill and eat the sick kitten.

6- Change the smell of the little cat :

Sometimes a person touches the kittens, so the mother kittens smells of the kitten, thinking that he is not a kitten, and kills him.