Online Game Development: Best Selling Game Genres

Online Game is the game which is played with the use of the internet. It is played in real-time. These are played in devices like mobile phones, PCs, consoles Etc.
Game development can be done using Computer programming, Software, and computer languages. There are also many tools available nowadays which can help in simply create a game.
Many types of game developers exist Some are professional game developers who develop games as their profession. And also, some are those who develop games as a hobby.
Online Game Development Trends
The trends in online game development are increasing tremendously. It has changed the experience of gaming differently. The emerging trends in the gaming industry are: –
  1. Mobile Games
These are the games that are played on the android mobile. It is played by both using the internet or without it. These are available both online as well as offline. The PC version of these games are not available, these can be played only on the mobile phone.
  • Offline Games
Offline games are games that are played without using the internet. These can be played on any device like in PC and in mobile devices. This is the simplest form of game which can be played by small kids also.
  • Social Media Platforms
Nowadays online games integrated with social media platforms are becoming very famous. People can play games using social media with each other. Here you can play a game with the people you don’t know. The feature of talking with each other while playing is also available.
  • Multi-player Games
This type of game is also increasing where players can play with their family and friends. It enables them to play with thein known ones. These games are also available both online as well as offline mode.
  • Old physical games
The old physical games are also converted into new online ones. It helps in players enjoying the old games ones again but in the online form. An example of these is online LUDO, Cricket Etc.
  • Virtual reality
This is a newbie in this industry. This is the latest type of technology emerging in the Gaming industry. Here the players can experience real-time gaming. Where they can fee that they are inside the game and can play there.
Top-selling Game genres
There are various types of game genres which are dominating the gaming industry. Some of these are: –
  1. Fighting Games
Nowadays you can see that most of the online games played are those of fighting games. These can involve more than one fighter. And these are also available for multiplayer. The widely played fighting game is PUBG.
  • Racing games
The other most played game is racing games. The race can be done in Cars, Bikes, Etc. These are also available in both online and offline modes. These can be played on PC, Mobile phones, Etc. Here there needs to be a fast-supporting system, as these are fast games.
  • Adventure Games
For the adventurous players, adventure games are also available. Here different types of adventures are available like Treasure hunting and many more. Adventure games are a blend of Puzzle-solving, Item collection, area exploration. Which makes it the most interesting game among all others.
  • Sports games
These are the real sports-based games. This includes Cricket, Football, Etc. Which are played physically too and are international sports. These are available both online as well as offline. And it also has multiplayer options.
  • Action Games
These are the games which have a lot of action. It checks the player’s reaction time and his reflexes. Here the player needs to show the strength of its character. It also has its various sub-genres which gives unique gaming experience.
Online Game Development Tools
  1. Unreal engine.
It is a very easy and simple tool used for developing games. It does not involve any programming language. It uses visual scripting technology and developed only with the help of drag and drop of elements. The most famous games developed with this tool are PUBG, BATMAN, TEKEN, Marvel heroes, Etc. It gives the choice of 10 devices. Most importantly It is free to use.
The programming languages used are C++, C#, Javascript. It is the most widely used gaming tool. 34% of the games are built in UNITY in 1000 top games. The most popular games build in this are Pokémon GO, Super Mario Run, Angry Birds, Etc. You can either use its free version or can take a subscription for 35$ Monthly.
  • Cry Engine
This tool supports virtual reality very effectively. It is free to use or either you can take the monthly subscription of 50$. The languages used in this tool are C++ and C#. The most valuable services provided in this system is its dedicated support system. Here you can clear all your doubts and ask the respective person for clarity.
  • Source Engine
It is a very old game development engine but it is very popular. The programming language used here is C++. The pricing is 25000$ and this is the one-time payment you need to pay for using source engine. The most popular games developed in this are Counter strike source, Half-life, Etc.
  • Amazon lumber yard
It uses cloud services integration. It is also very beneficial in making multiplayer games. The programming language used is C++. The most popular games made in this are Star citizen, Etc. It is free of cost for using.
The gaming industry still does not fully develop like that of other industries. It still has a very wide scope and you can gain profit from this. There are also various courses available to learn about Game Development.