How to trim easily your cat’s nails ?

Cat’s claws are indispensable things for him, as it helps him hunt, climb trees and defend himself against potential predators.

When a cat is outdoors, it uses its paws as a way to cling to trees or walk on rough surfaces. But when he is an elderly person or lives in an apartment, it is imperative that you give him a hand, not just by buying something that scratches him.

In fact, if your cat’s claws are not cut off once a month, they may break. In this case, welcome to the pain!

We know that trimming your cat’s nails is not an easy thing, but rather a real battle, and to help you do that, here are some tips:

Purchase his own nail clipper
The use of family nail scissors is completely out of the question! Not only will it be strong enough to cut the sharp claws of your cat, but it can also hurt it.

Instead, purchase special cat claw scissors that you can find at the pet store or at your vet.

Choose the right time
Once your cat is calm and relaxed, gently put it on your lap or on the table, wrap it in a bath towel to keep it steady. Be careful, you must make sure that the cat does not move and that you will not touch the hair that is near its claws, otherwise you can harm it!

Try to get his claws out
Place the claw cutter and pull the claws of the front legs of your cat one by one (there are 5). For your information, you don’t need to cut the claws of his hind legs.

Don’t forget to reward your cat
After you’ve finished clawing, remember to congratulate your cat by offering a few kisses and hugs.

If your cat does not stop moving in all directions and it is absolutely impossible to try any approach, the wiser thing is to contact your vet. Who can cut the claws of this little rebel in no time.