How to make hamburger step by step

How to prepare hamburger
Ingredients : kilo of soft ground meat. One egg. Small spoon of salt. 1 teaspoon seasoned pepper Half a teaspoon of paprika. Half a teaspoon of crushed pepper. ¼ teaspoon of black pepper. Half a cup of rusks. Hamburger bread to serve. Onion sliced ​​to serve. A little cheese slices to serve. Ketchup for serving.

Place the meat on a large dish, then press it to empty the air and spread it in a thin rectangle. Lay the egg over it, then add salt, pepper, paprika, pepper and pepper, then assemble the edges of the meat on the egg and knead the palm of the palm until the material is mixed well. Straighten the mixture back to a thin rectangle. Sprinkle the breadcrumbs, then gather the limbs again and knead the palms until a smooth and homemade kofta is obtained. Form the kofta as a disk, then cut the kofta into eight equal triangles with the knife, then form each triangle into a ball.

Place the kofta ball between two square sheets of butter paper, then squeeze it with a crossbow tool until it becomes a disc of the preferred size (do not remove the paper from the disc and place it in the refrigerator until serving). Complete the rest of the balls the same way and place them in the refrigerator. Heat a thick pan over a strong fire to serve. Place one or two hamburgers in the pan, leave them for one to two minutes, turn them on the other side, then squeeze them slightly with the back of the wide spoon and stir several times until browned. Place the hamburger in a serving dish, then serve with the rest of the ingredients as desired. Serve the burgers with French fries.

Olive hamburger and pesto
Ingredients : 500 grams of minced meat. Half a cup of pine nuts. half cup of olive oil. Half a cup of cheddar cheese. A grain of avocado. Three sticks of green onions. Two tablespoons of water. A glass of basil. Half a cup of parmesan cheese. Four pieces of toast. Half a cup of stuffed green olives. Three cloves of garlic. A cup of basil leaves. A cup of grilled red pepper.

Place the pine, basil, and garlic in the food processor to prepare the basil pesto sauce, then whisk until smooth. Add the oil, then add the parmesan cheese. Mix the minced meat, water, pesto sauce and olives to prepare the hamburger, then mix the mixture a little and form into four burger tablets. Heat the barbecue tray to high temperature. Grease the hamburger a little with oil, then place the hamburger on the grill pan, then lower the temperature to a moderate temperature. Roast the hamburger for six to seven minutes on each side, stirring only once.

Paint the bread with oil and place it in the oven to acquire the golden color. Mix olives, avocado, grilled peppers and place on the hamburger. Serving hamburgers with toast, watercress, small avocado cubes, olives and green onions.