Don’t put your cat on a Collar for these reasons

Whether your cat is the type that constantly escapes or simply put a cat on your cat to be beautiful, know that this is not easy, but it is very dangerous! Here are the reasons:

You risk suffocating him

The idea of ​​putting a necklace on your cat might seem very useful to find if he is lost, however, if he is hanging without your knowledge of a tree branch, fence, door handle or anything else, he may die of suffocation, especially in the event of a fall.

The necklace may hurt

The problem with necklaces is that we don’t check often enough if they are tight or appropriate for our cat. In fact, your cat can grow and its collar can tighten in just a few days, so many cats have torn hair, burnt skin or deeply implanted due to a very tight collar, as well as bell necklaces that cause a different form of animal suffering, The permanent sound of the bell may make him deaf!

The necklace impedes him and restricts his movements

A cat is an animal that does not like restraints, of any kind. It is therefore fashionable to see cats trying to remove a necklace on their own. In this case, she has three possibilities: either she succeeds, or her collar remains stuck in the armpit, which may cause serious injury due to friction, or her legs remain stuck in the necklace and thus prevent them from moving.

If you still want to put a necklace on your cat, despite all these risks, make sure it is “stifling-resistant,” meaning that it will open on its own if the cat gets stuck somewhere, and make sure that you can always place two fingers between the necklace and skin Your cat in order to prevent constant friction with the belt.