Cat Tail Movements: Discover their meaning !

Cats like dogs continue with their tails, but decoding the movements they make is easier than dogs. Here is the explanation for your cat’s tail movements.

Movement of the tail straight upward :

If your cat is carrying her tail straight up, it feels good. Cats often make this move when they come to greet their owners when they return home.

Your cat wagging its tail :

If your cat is wagging its tail, it is because it is so excited and excited. She moves her tail very quickly.

Her tail wrapped around you :

If your cat has a habit of wrapping her tail around your leg, it means that she trusts and values ​​you, it’s also her way of saying hello.

Cat Tail Movements: Discover their meaning !

And when her tail wraps around her legs when she sits or when she sleeps, this is a way to warm up, to protect herself, or to show that she doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Swing movement :

If your cat gently swings its tail from side to side, something is bothering it or is on alert. Either way, get away and leave her for a few minutes until she calms down.

Fast movement :

If your cat starts to move its tail quickly up and down, there is something to bother her. Tip: escape!

Low movement :

If your cat’s tail is low, close to the ground, there is something to scare her and she is about to escape at any time.