5 reasons your cat to follow you everywhere

Cats have many characteristics : they are clean, loving, and independent ! But why does your cat chase you all day ?

1. Obey her instinct

Cats are primarily hunters, and even if they no longer hunt (mostly), this does not prevent them from preserving the instincts of their wild ancestors.

So when you see your cat follow you everywhere, it instinctively does it as if it is prey. This also explains the fact that your cat can jump on you without warning to bite your ankles!

2. Your cat is very attached to you

It is not just dogs that are a victim of excessive attachment syndrome. If you’ve welcomed your cat at home while she hasn’t weaned from her mother yet, it’s no surprise that she follows you everywhere. She became her surrogate “mother”.

3. You may be tense

If your cat catchs your shadow, even to the bathroom, it may be because of its anxiety or an event that made it nervous (noise, movement, a new animal in the house …) so staying with you reassures it. Do not forget that cats are animals that are especially associated with their habits. The slightest change in her life routine can make her so anxious.

4. You need something

Whether to lend your attention, eat, drink, or care, or to make you understand that she is in pain somewhere or does not feel well, they are all reasons that can motivate your cat to follow you everywhere.

5. You love being with you

There is a high possibility that your cat will enjoy spending time with you.