4 Scientific facts that will change your view about cats

Who among us did the little furry strings of love adore his heart? Regardless of whether you love animals or vice versa, the little cat’s face makes you lean toward her faster than you can imagine.

She is known for being in love with companionship and creating joy in every corner she has fallen into, and science has proven that having this furry friend is beneficial to you and your health.

Here are 4 facts that will make you rush to adopt one or more kittens :

The ability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
Studies revealed that having cats reduces the level of stress and anxiety you have, which is considered one of the most important causes of heart disease, and thus the incidence of your cardiovascular diseases is low. Having a cat reduces by 30 percent the risk of strokes.

Therapeutic benefits
Cats help people who suffer from depression or are experiencing difficult times such as sadness or mourning in dealing with these negative feelings that affect your health, because it helps to secrete the hormone oxytocin, which is the hormone responsible for feeling love, happiness and contentment.

Cats purring as a treatment
The sound of cats has a tremendous strength for healing, according to recent scientific studies, and some suggest that the interest of ancient Egyptians in cats is due to this. They understood a civilization that greatly glorified cats, as this reverence appeared in their drawings, wall inscriptions, and culture.

These are some of the symptoms and diseases that the cat’s purring affects positively: reducing stress, reducing the chances of heart attacks, lowering high blood pressure, reducing symptoms of shortness of breath, strengthening the bones, distancing the feeling of loneliness, enhancing self-confidence, and helping to heal the severe diseases associated with the condition Psychological like cancer.

Improve sleep
Veterinarian Marty Becker says that pets have a biochemical effect on the bodies of their owners in his book “The Power of Hospitalization in Pets”. Hence, many British studies have concluded that cats are the ideal solution for those who suffer from insomnia.

Moreover, many women have revealed that they prefer sleeping with their cats more than their partners, because they sleep better. A study by the Mayo Clinic Sleep Medicine confirmed that 41% of people with a cat said they slept better thanks to their pets.