3 Beautiful ways to commemorate your cat

If you lost your cat recently, there is no doubt that you feel completely destroyed … and for good reason, we consider these little fur balls as real members of our family!

To relieve even a little pain and try to overcome your sadness, you can try these solutions to improve your mood: Commemorate your cat. But don’t expect to forget quickly, only time will relieve pain.

Plant a tree
If you or one of your relatives has a garden, feel free to plant a tree or flower in memory of your cat. And caring for this plant, to see it grow gradually until it becomes fully prosperous, and this can only benefit you.

Organizing a memorial
You are always allowed to be sad after losing a loved one. Why not be the same for our pets? To help you and your family make the death of your cat real and forge ahead, feel free to organize a memorial party.

The latter can happen in your home, in your garden, in a forest, or even on the beach, it is you who choose the right and quietest place to let your cat go. Then ask everyone to give a short speech.

The goal is to share your most memorable memories with your cat.

Help the cats on the street
To honor your cat’s memory, consider going to the closest shelter to provide help to cats or even help stray cats in the streets.

Shelters and street cats still need volunteer enthusiasts to take care of them and make donations that will benefit them and who knows, at some point in the future you may find a cat that makes you want to adopt it?